Jupyter-resource-usage message missing for some kernels

I installed the following packages in our server:

  • jupyterhub==2.2.2
  • jupyterlab==4.0.5
  • jupyter-resource-usage==1.0.0

For the admins, they can see the correct resource usage messages in the sidebar.
However, for the users without admin rights, they obtained : “usage data is missing” (see also the attached figure).

image copy 9

What extra settings should I write in the config file of jupyterhub ?

jupyter-resource-usage does not need any privileges to work. Could you share your single user server (jupyterlab) logs of yours and your “admin’s” where the extension works?

Thank you for the helpful suggestion.
I just go through the jupyterlab logs and found out that it’s not about the privileges.
The errors come from IPyKernel.

Because I got many python kernels, and I only updated the ipykernel to the latest version for the kernel which I started jupyterlab service.
The other kernels have very old version of ipykernel.
I just updated all of them and everything goes very well.

I will revise the title of this post.