JupyterHub users added to database but users not getting access

The admin Users getting added through config file sometimes are not getting access to their user workspace. we do see the users in the jupyterhub sqlite database but users are still receiving 403 error.

Hi! Please could you give us more information about your JupyterHub setup. For instance:

  • Are you running JupyterHub on your own server, on the cloud, on Kubernetes, in Docker, etc?
  • How did you setup JupyerHub?
  • Can you share your configuration with secrets redacted?


Hi @manics It is hosted on cloud VM instance using sudospawner.
c.JupyterHub.admin_users = {‘user_name_1’, ‘user_name_2’}
It usually happens with admin users for anyone of the admin in the list.

The error from logs says that group ‘user_name_1’ already exists and User ‘user_name_1’ not allowed

Hi! Please could you give us full information on your deployment? Ideally enough for someone to replicate your setup and your error.

Please have a read through Getting good answers to your questions if you haven’t already. Thanks!