JupyterHub User Server Issue - Getting 404 Not Found Error

Hello everyone (i’m new to jupyterhub),

I’m currently running JupyterHub with a specific configuration and I’m facing an issue when trying to access a user’s server directly through the URL.

Setup Details:

  • I’ve deployed JupyterHub using Kubernetes, helm.
  • I’m utilizing the image jupyterhub/k8s-singleuser-sample:3.0.0 for user environments.

When I try to access the user server at https://[your-jupyterhub-domain]/user/[username]/, I get a “404 Not Found” error. However, I can access other endpoints like /hub/token and /hub/admin without issues.

What I’ve Checked/Tried:

  1. Verified that the user’s server is running via the admin panel.
  2. Checked the URL format multiple times.
  3. Looked into the JupyterHub logs but couldn’t find anything that stood out (or mention any specific error/warning you observed).

I’d appreciate any guidance on how to troubleshoot this further or if anyone has faced a similar issue and found a solution.

Thank you in advance!

Can you tell what the 404 error is served from (i.e. is it in the jupyter-user pod logs, or check the backend via the ingress-controller logs)?

If it’s correctly serving from the single-user pod, then it might be a problem with the image, and setting

  defaultUrl: "/lab"

might help.