Jupyter Notebook unable to give output

I have been using jupyter notebook form anaconda navigator since long time,but last week I encountered a problem with my saved projects in jupyter notebook.So as I started running my codes,kernels are still running but not showing any output.Like before this the code used to run and give output withinh seconds but due to this issue the kernel keeps loading.I also tried reinstalling my Anaconda navigator to check if thats an issue but this problem was the same after reinstalling it.
So How/What should I do to solve this problem ??

jupyter nbconvert --ClearOutputPreprocessor.enabled=True \
  --to notebook --output=NotebookNoOut Notebook.ipynb

This information should also be available in the jupiter notebooks docs, and unfortunately it isn’t.


@Carlos_Carvalho Thanks for helping me out with this.Actually my anaconda navigator isn’t opening now …so I am opening my jupyter notebook through jupyter command promt.I dnt know what the indepth issue is but I have installed and uninstalled my conda navigator many times and this solution is working for now and also clearing the previous output as you showed is working.

I got the same issue today (2022-03-25): Jupyter Notebook unable to give output

My Jupyter Notebook works fine before I use Anaconda terminal to do the following installation:
pip install google-colab

There are several installation error messages during the google-colab installation, then I googled and fixed the errors accordingly.

Finally, the installation is finished with some warning message.
It seems that the Jupyter Notebook crashes and becomes unable to give output after the google-colab installation.

But, I re-install Anaconda, and this issue is resolved.