Jupiter notebook hangs and unavailable


I’m facing same issue with this topic.
Jupyter Notebook unable to give output

I couldn’t find any reasonable solution to run the notebook except convert my notebook into script from command line to extract the code (and create another notebook, copy paste code, and so on)

Because the issue was due the fact my notebook was overloaded with images and accidentally some “df” and the dataframe was a little huge 20.000 records by 500 variables with long text.

Watching the size of the notebook, I realize it was increasing in memory, reaching 10G and without responsive.

My opinion, after analyzing the issue, I think we should be able to run the notebook in command line with kernel option “restart and clear output”.

So, if we could implement this solution, that would be great, that would be a real improvement and avoid us spending hours of work copying/pasting lines of code.

Where can we submit this request ?

Thank you

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jupyter nbconvert --ClearOutputPreprocessor.enabled=True \
  --to notebook --output=NotebookNoOut Notebook.ipynb

@Carlos_Carvalho Thanks for helping me out with this.Actually my anaconda navigator isn’t opening now …so I am opening my jupyter notebook through jupyter command promt.I dnt know what the indepth issue is but I have installed and uninstalled my conda navigator many times and this solution is working for now and also clearing the previous output as you showed is working.