Jupyter installed on MacOS Venture 12.2.1 but error message: -bash: jupyter: command not found

I poorly taught myself command line and programming basics, and it’s led to mistakes out of ignorance. I do not know how to properly set up a data science project environment. I am trying to install Jupyter Notebook to practice EdX Data Science course exercises on my local machine without going through the EdX interface. I installed Jupyter Notebook sometime early last year, but I forgot how and want to start from scratch and document my progress this time:

1. I have pip3 installed (version 23.0.1)
2. I have Python3 installed (version 3.10.2)
3. pip3 install notebook (returns a lot of these lines)
Requirement already satisfied: psutil in Requirement already satisfied: cffi>=1.0.1 in /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.10/lib/python3.10/site-packages (from argon2-cffi-bindings->argon2-cffi->notebook) (1.15.1)
4. I have tried uninstalling and removing files that have the word ‘Jupyter’ in them to get back to a library empty of any Jupyter files. I then try reinstalling, and I get the same lines shown in 3.
5.Where on my computer do I install Jupyter files, Pip files, Python files, or any data science tool files?
6. I understand and can do the data analysis and algorithmic coding in a single Python files, but everything else is confusion to me.

I’d greatly appreciate some help. Anyone have advice? I can add more lines of code if it will help. I am not sure what is important to include.