Jupyter HUb in the Enterprise Experiences

Hi there,
I just found this (kind of old) thread regarding experiences with releasing/creating Jupyter Hub Environment in the Enterprise (in my case +6000 people).

Before firing off right away I would like to ask if this is the place and way to ask and share experiences.

More particular I would like to ask how is your relation with voila in the Enterprise, how are “releases” controlled (if at all), if everyone is allowed to just create a GUI with components and serve it to the whole Organisation just by letting anyone to render the notebook with voila.

In our case the Jupyter Hub is a complete new experience. We have reached 400 users (from 100% of the time to casual experimentation) but this number is growing and growing (we are around 6000 colleagues).

Is voila the basic way to render solutions? How do you git-backup the code? Bitbucket? github for the enterprise? How do you publish python modules (internally) and make them available to everyone? We use jenkins for releasing new modules.

How do you manage change. i.e. Asking some people to try to create their own tools is intimidating -to say the least-. We have workshops. webbinnars, life code sessions, etc, still for the majority JupyterHub is unkonown.

Happy to hear from some of you who also work is such large organizations.

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Yes, absolutely! This is definitely the place.