Jupyter Enterprise Gateway 2.0 is now available!

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Jupyter Enterprise Gateway 2.0! Just as thrilling is the fact that this release is comprised of numerous contributions from over 30 individuals!

While our 1.x release focused on Hadoop YARN and Spark installations, release 2.0 focuses on Kubernetes (including support for Spark 2.4 in Kubernetes). Included in 2.0 is additional support for Docker and Docker Swarm configurations, along with Dask on YARN.

Jupyter Enterprise Gateway targets larger installations where administrators prefer to separate notebook management from the compute cluster. Typically deployed on an edge node, Enterprise Gateway performs kernel management in coordination with the underlying resource manager of the cluster - distributing kernels across the cluster. This allows the compute driver (i.e., kernel) to reside directly within the compute cluster, while notebook file management remains on the user’s desktop. In containerized environments, each kernel is its own container/pod, enabling finer-grained control of compute resources.

Join us at: https://github.com/jupyter/enterprise_gateway