Jupyter Enterprise Gateway 2.0.0rc1 release is out!

The Jupyter Enterprise Gateway 2.0.0 will officially introduce support for Kubernetes based runtimes and the 2.0.0rc1 release candidate gives an opportunity for the community to start testing it, provide feedback and/or ask questions.

This release candidate includes support for kernel-based images consisting of:

  • Python (IPython), Python w/ Spark, Python w/ Tensorflow, and Python w/ Tensorflow and GPUs
  • Scala (Toree) w/ Spark
  • R (IRKernel), R w/ Spark

Other items included in this release:

  • Support for Docker and Docker Swarm
  • Spark 2.4 support
  • Dask-Yarn support
  • Gateway Client (experimental) - demonstrates how to use Enterprise Gateway programmatically
  • Jupyter Hub integration (configuration)
  • Drop support for Python 2.x
  • Kernel images based on Jupyter Docker-stacks

Install the release candidate using the following pip command

pip install --pre jupyter_enterprise_gateway

If you have questions or want to report an issue, visit us on GitHub:

And don’t forget to star the project on GitHub.


way to go! congratulations to the EG team :slight_smile: