Jupyter Client 6.0.0

Jupyter Client 6.0.0 Release

An exciting change in this release is some async support (huge thanks to @davidbrochart for doing most of the work)! See linked PR below for more details, we’re working on integrating this into nbclient as well in the near future. This PR will add more support in a future release.

New Features:

  • Added async API (506)


  • Python 3.8 testing and support added (509)
  • Session.msg_id optimization (493)
  • Only cache ports if the cache_ports flag is set to True (492)
  • Removed direct dependency on pywin32 as this is now in jupyter core (489)


  • Prevent two kernels to have the same ports (490)


  • Document the handling of error in do_execute (500)

Breaking changes:

  • Dropped support for Python 2.7!

Jupyter Team

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