Jupyter_client 5.3.0 release

Hello Jupyter devs and users,

We got a smallish release put together for jupyter_client for some needed features for downstream projects. See the release notes below for details.


  • Multiprocessing and Threading support added #437 and #450
  • Setup package long_description added #411


  • Control channel now in the public API #447
  • Closing Jupyter Client is now faster #420
  • Pip support improvements #421


  • Support for Python 3.3 and 3.4 dropped (upstream packages dropped support already)

Notes about installation or upgrade

The largest changes in 5.3.0 are the removal of older python 3 version support and the thread / process safe improvements to jupyter client. The latter change involved changing the zmq context objects to not be shared globally. The impact of this is that there will be a couple more C++ io threads running to handle messages along with some minor memory overhead. Overall these costs should be low compared to other adjacent costs and gives a much safer execution pattern. A big thanks to @alexrudy for digging in and finding the root problem here during PyCon’s code sprint!

Jupyter Team


Wohoo! Thanks for the release! :heart: