Welcome new jupyter_client / nbclient Maintainer David Brochart

Hello Jupyter Users and Developers,

We wanted to welcome a new maintainer to the jupyter ecosystem: @davidbrochart !

David’s been contributing many improvements, especially around async support in jupyer_client and nbclient (coming in the next release). We’ve all been very happy working with David and looking forward to more great contributions in the future.

Please welcome him to the community more officially!

Jupyter Team


Thanks Matthew, and thanks a lot for adding me as a maintainer!
Looking forward to contributing to this awesome project!

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=) What use cases does Jupyter_client unlock? Is it about more robust apps in comparison to extensions/ widgets?

It’s less of a feature enhancement to notebooks and more a low-level tool for kernel execution. The jupyter_client library is what most python applications use to communicate between kernels (where your notebook code executes) and applications run. For example papermill ends up using jupyter_client indirectly to facilitate executing notebooks from the command line.