Jupyter-book extension to write proposals


With colleagues, we are using jupyter-book to author a proposal. In the
spirit of LaTeX-proposal [1] we are including metadata about the tasks,
work packages, etc in the yaml headers of their respective files, and
then use that data to produce various tables and figures (e.g. overview
of resources allocated per work package / site / …; this could also include
Gantt charts, budget tables, …). This ensures a single point of truth for
each piece of data, kept close to the corresponding narrative.

To support this, we are writing a little experimental Python package
jupyter-proposal. For now, it’s in our (currently private) repo for the
proposal, with the plan to publish it independently after the rush of
our deadline. But if anyone is interested in the short run – or even
better would like to codevelop it – we could make that happen earlier.


[1] GitHub - KWARC/LaTeX-proposal: The Proposal package for LaTeX


Sounds interesting! Please do share once you feel like it. I would be interested to know how you handle citations and if my recent work in this direction could help you in the future (GitHub - krassowski/jupyterlab-citation-manager: Citation Manager for JupyterLab using Zotero Web API).

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I would love to see a little blog post that explains how it works @nthiery ! CC also @mmcky who has been working a lot on the latex side of things in jupyter book

Also @krassowski i didn’t know about that reference extension, very cool! I wonder if this could be configured to insert Myst references rather than HTML cite tags

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Thanks @nthiery and @choldgraf (for the ping). This looks really interesting – and we are currently thinking through ways to include new document types for LaTeX output in jupyter-book via support for different styles and cls files.

Thanks for the feedback and the pointer to the citation manager!
So far we have minimal needs for citations as the project is more
infrastructure than research oriented; so we are not a good use case :slight_smile:

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Will do, once the rush is over :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the feedback!

Presumably we won’t need support for specific document types in
our use case: indeed most of what Latex-Proposal is about is the
management of metadata (gathering it, producing tables and figures, …)
which is so much easier to program in Python than in LaTeX. So
LaTeX proposal is a source of inspiration rather than a tool to reuse
/ pipe to.