Announcing the new Jupyter Book (v0.7)

We just posted a blog post about the re-write of Jupyter Book!


This is a total rewrite of the codebase to be built on Sphinx and :100: in Python


Before I forget, let me say this looks amazing from multiple angles:

  • combining Markdown and rST
  • interactive books
  • great template

I mentioned it on Twitter and have gotten a lot of enthusiasm in chemistry / physics.


I just started playing with jupyter-book this weekend. :+1:t2: This is exciting.

As a notebook matures I often hoist python into modules. Is there a way to include just plain python modules in a book?

I found this link about Jupytext I want to vote for supporting python source files. I guess I expected that I would find that as an issue, already.

See this section for instructions on how to get .py files included in your book: