JEP open for the Notebook v7 transition

Hi all,

I just wanted to flag for everyone here that, after all the public input and discussion that originated in Zach’s previous post and that hopped across several Github issues, a PR my fork of the JEP repo, community Zoom meetings, we’ve finally landed on an actual JEP draft.

Just as @Zsailer had said in his original post, please let’s keep the actual discussion now in that PR 79, this is just a heads-up.

And thanks Zach for getting this key discussion back on track, and everyone who has participated!!


Quick update that the JEP has been now moved out of draft status into voting. Many thanks to @choldgraf for offering to shepherd the JEP, and all those who made it possible to get here.

I’m optimistic this gives us a path forward that we can rally around and use to build a great experience that includes multiple use cases, without leaving anyone behind.