Notebook 7 pre-releases are available

Pre-releases are now available for the upcoming Notebook 7 major version.

:construction: Pre-releases

:warning: Notebook 7 is currently still in alpha.

While we welcome early adopters and testers, please be aware there will still be some major and minor changes until the final version is released.

:zap: Try it on Binder

You can try the latest Notebook 7 pre-release directly in your browser without having to install anything on your computer:


:inbox_tray: Install

Notebook 7 can be installed with pip:

pip install --pre notebook

Conda and Mamba installation will be available soon.

:sparkles: Highlights

Notebook 7 will be packed with a lot of new features and improvements. Since it is based on JupyterLab 4, many features available in JupyterLab will also be available in Notebook 7.

  • :bookmark_tabs: Table of Contents
  • :bug: Debugger
  • :busts_in_silhouette: Real-Time Collaboration
  • :art: Theming
  • :speech_balloon: Internationalization
  • :jigsaw: Powerful extensions such as enhanced completions, nbgrader or git

For more information check out the changelog: Changelog โ€” Jupyter Notebook 7.0.0a6 documentation

:books: Context

Notebook 7 is the next major version of the familiar document-oriented notebook experience based on:

To learn more about Notebook 7 you can have a look at the Jupyter Enhancement Proposal: Build Jupyter Notebook v7 off of JupyterLab components โ€” Jupyter Enhancement Proposals

Small excerpt:

This JEP presents a path forward for the evolution of the Jupyter Notebook application in a way that is technically consistent with the rest of our tools and thus more sustainable, while meeting the needs of our users.
This document proposes that the next major release of the Jupyter Notebook application, version 7, will be based on the JupyterLab codebase, but will provide an equivalent user experience to the current (version 6) application.

:busts_in_silhouette: Get involved

There are many ways you can participate in the Jupyter Notebook 7 effort. We welcome contributions from all members of the Jupyter community.

Development is happening in the jupyter/notebook repository on GitHub: GitHub - jupyter/notebook: Jupyter Interactive Notebook

Anyone is welcome to help with triaging issues, fixing bugs, documentation, creating content and helping others.

If you have an extension for the Classic Notebook v6 and woud like to port it to Notebook 7, you can check how to develop an extension for JupyterLab and/or Jupyter Server. The documentation provides some links to resources that will help you get started. There will be more improvements and iterations on the documentation over the coming weeks.

Thanks to all contributors! :heart:


A new 7.0.0a7 pre-release is out :tada:

Release notes: Release v7.0.0a7 ยท jupyter/notebook ยท GitHub

New changes include:

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Update to the latest JupyterLab 4.0.0a30 pre-release
  • Support for left right and panels, with core extensions enabled by default:
    • Debugger
    • Table of Contents
    • Collaboration panel
    • Notebook Tools
  • By default the UI will still show the notebook only without the side panels.

a screenshot showing the debugger extension in Notebook 7

a screenshot showing the table of contents in Notebook 7

Try it on Binder:


Many thanks to @brichet for helping with this!