Items missing from the left sidebar

The The JupyterLab Interface section in the JupyterLab Docs states that

“The left sidebar contains … the command palette, the notebook cell tools inspector, and the tabs list”

These three items do not show up in my installation. The other elements (omitted in the quote above) do show up.

Otherwise JupyterLab seems to be working fine.

Why are these three items missing?

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Good catch! This part of documentation needs updating:

  • the command palette became modal by default with JupyterLab 3.0 release (you can bring it up with Ctrl + Shift + c or Mac equivalent) but it can be shown in the sidebar if you go to Advanced Settings Editor and add "model": false to Command Palette settings).
  • the tab list and running kernels list were merged together a single Running Terminals and Kernels list; (which I guess should be renamed to include tabs?)
  • the property inspector was moved to the right sidebar in JupyterLab 3.0

And those are using icons rather than text so the screenshot is even more outdated. It would be a good first pull request if you are interested in fixing it in the documentation :slight_smile: