It appears as though the password does not need to be consistent when logging in with a dummy authenticator

Hello, I have set up a JupyterHub instance on my kubernetes cluster that allows multiple users to log into their own accounts, however I have noticed that users do not need to enter the same password each time to log into their account. E.g., user Fred might start his account with the password “foo” but then will still be able to log in by providing the password “bar”.

I am currently using the Dummy authenticator class, and my config.yaml file has the following for authentication:

  type: dummy
    access: true
      - admin

As far as I understand, according to the dummy authenticator, the user will need to provide the same password each time they log in. Am I missing something with respect to configuration, or is this expected behavior?

This allows for any username and password unless if a global password has been set. Once set, any username will still be accepted but the correct password will need to be provided.

It’s expected, correct password refers to the global password if set. If you’ve got suggestions for improving the wording please open a pull request :smiley:.

If you want persistent passwords
is worth looking at