Is it possible to configure cull max_age in config.yaml?

I’m trying to configure singleuser culling for a cluster deployed on GCP so that pods are cleaned up after a few hours. I’m using a config.yaml file with the following culling parameters:

  enabled: true
  timeout: 600  # inactivity timeout (sec)
  every: 600     # how often to run culling (sec)
  users: False   # remove users
  max_age: 10800 # max server age (sec)

However, when I look at the logs of the Hub pod I see the following message:

'cull-idle': ['python3', '/etc/jupyterhub/', '--url=', '--timeout=3600', '--cull-every=600', '--concurrency=10']

It appears that the max_age parameter is ignored. I’ve been searching for documentation but haven’t been able to find any examples where max_age is set from config.yaml.

Is this functionality supported?

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After some trial and error, it seems that maxAge is setting the cull-idle flag correctly.