Culling parameter and jupyterhub_idle_culler does not work

The issue is even after following official jupyterhub doc cull time out setting and implementing them still idle spark session or opened notebook session are not getting killed

Expected behaviour

They should be killed if are found idle in 20 mins

Actual behaviour

All mentioned settings have been implemented but does not work at all.

How to reproduce

I am attaching the config file snap, you can start jupyterhub with this config and reproduce the issue

Your personal set up

We have jupyterhub installed using python 3.6.10 pip . jupyterhub version is 1.1.0 , jupyterhub-idle-culler version 1.1

  • OS:


  • Version(s):

jupyterhub version is 1.1.0 , jupyterhub-idle-culler version 1.1

Please find attached config snapshot

Can you give us more information about your singleuser servers? Some applications can make the server appear active even if there’s no activity from the user.

Ok. What exactly you need to know about single user server . you may be right but what exact information you need?? any part of config file with respect to single user server??

Ideally all of it- how you’ve deployed it, what else you’ve installed, any customisations, all your configs. There are a lot of components and customisation you can make in JupyterHub/JupyterLab/etc and most people won’t have knowledge of everything. Sharing as much information as possible means multiple people can help out.