Different cull timeout for each user

Can we have different cull timeout for different users. Like consider we have three users user1, user2 and user3. I want to setup the timeout as 2 hours for user1 and user2 and I want to setup the timeout as 24 hours for user3. I could see only common cull timeout setup in the documentation. How to achieve solution for the above scenario ?

  enabled: true
  users: false # --cull-users
  adminUsers: true # --cull-admin-users
  removeNamedServers: false # --remove-named-servers
  timeout: 7200 # --timeout
  every: 60 # --cull-every
  concurrency: 10 # --concurrency
  maxAge: 0 # --max-age

This is not currently supported by the culler as implemented, but you could run a custom version of the culler that makes arbitrary culling decisions. This information is available to the code, you just need to get the configuration in there to make the decisions.