Intermittent Failures Launching Mybinder


I have been using mybinder for several years to provide access to jupyter notebooks I have on gitlab. For example, the following repository: Brian Vermeire / Py2Fly · GitLab

However, recently these will often get stuck at “Pulling image” for about 5 minutes, and then fail. This is intermittent, sometimes they will launch fine in 2-3 seconds, but frequently now they will get stuck at this point and repeatedly fail.

Is this a known issue, or is there something specific to my repository that could cause this to happen? Any help would be appreciated.

Below is output from an example failed launch:

Found built image, launching…
Launching server…
Server requested
2023-11-15T16:25:46.296349Z [Normal] Successfully assigned ovh2/jupyter-bvermeir-2dpy2fly-2d4e8nho82 to user-202211a-node-1c040e
2023-11-15T16:25:47Z [Normal] Container image “jupyterhub/” already present on machine
2023-11-15T16:25:47Z [Normal] Created container tc-init
2023-11-15T16:25:47Z [Normal] Started container tc-init
2023-11-15T16:25:49Z [Normal] Pulling image “2lmrrh8f”
Launch attempt 1 failed, retrying…
Server requested
2023-11-15T16:35:50.392865Z [Normal] Successfully assigned ovh2/jupyter-bvermeir-2dpy2fly-2dxlqc5alv to user-202211a-node-5eb9bc
2023-11-15T16:35:51Z [Normal] Container image “jupyterhub/” already present on machine
2023-11-15T16:35:51Z [Normal] Created container tc-init
2023-11-15T16:35:51Z [Normal] Started container tc-init
2023-11-15T16:35:52Z [Normal] Pulling image “2lmrrh8f”
Spawn failed: pod ovh2/jupyter-bvermeir-2dpy2fly-2dxlqc5alv did not start in 300 seconds!
Launch attempt 2 failed, retrying…

It is not specific to your repo. It is the same issue as here with the same known cause. At times, things can be rocky on MyBinder due to the restricted capacity and traffic, etc…

You repo launches a session.

Okay - thank you very much for the reply, and this explains why the issue has been intermittent.

Thanks again,