Install JupyterHub on EKS fails: “No suitable subnet for ELB”

I am experiencing an issue on my EKS cluster (kubernetes version 1.14).
I am trying to install JupyterHub (version 0.8.2) onto the EKS cluster, via helm+tiller.

Install appears to succeed, but the proxy-public service fails to create an ELB. See the output of “kubectl describe svc” below:

The app install/deployment fails with an error event.

kubectl describe svc

Name: proxy-public
Namespace: jhub
Labels: app=jupyterhub

Warning CreatingLoadBalancerFailed 1m (x6 over 3m) service-controller Error creating load balancer (will retry): failed to ensure load balancer for service jhub/proxy-public: could not find any suitable subnets for creating the ELB

My EKS cluster is associated with 3 subnets, 2 private and 1 public. I would think that the ELB could be placed in the public subnet?

I haven’t used EKS but I found this bug report:

Does that work for you?