KeyError: 'PROXY_PUBLIC_SERVICE_HOST' in k8s-hub pod logs

I’m getting this error in the logs of hub pod. What could be the reason?

Do you have a traceback? What versions are you using of the hub/notebook/kubespawner? looks like it might be related (but is an old issue).

The hub pod in the k8s deployment assumes there is a k8s service called proxy-public, and that assumption can be seen as it assumes to find an environment variable called PROXY_PUBLIC_SERVICE_HOST automatically set by Kubernetes on the hub pod’s running container. This probably hasn’t been set, so perhaps the proxy-public k8s service isn’t around? Why it isn’t around is too hard to guess. It should be around if you install the JupyterHub helm chart following the guide at

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This worked. The problem was I renamed my proxy-public service to proxy and then it was failing.
Thanks a lot

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