Images not showing in mybinder

I have a persistent problem of images not displaying in notebooks. The images are in the GitHub repo with the notebooks, and they display in the GitHub previews. They also display when the notebooks are viewed through Colab.

From within the Binder notebook, I can run !ls ./images/ in a code cell to see that the image files are indeed on the Binder notebook’s filesystem, but the images won’t display in the notebook itself using ![label](./images/imagefile.png) *Caption* in a markdown cell, only the label and caption.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hmm, can you provide a link to a repository? That’d be be helpful for debugging


Just stumbled on this after encountering the same problem.

The Binder URL is
The GitHub repo is

(Sorry, very new so not sure which you need.)

The image is used in connections.ipynb, a few paras down under ‘Plane polars’.


In your particular case you need to change the markdown you use to ![some text](../files/planePolars.PNG).

Thanks Tim.

Yes, I hadn’t noticed that the file had at some point been given an all-capped extension. My Windows machine naturally didn’t care.

I’ll go with ./planePolars.PNG as the …/files doesn’t work on a local machine.

Thanks again.

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