How to pick up schema settings json changes on jupyterlab

Hi, when I do changes to settings, keyboard shortcuts and so on in json files that are on schema directory, those changes are not picked up by jlpm run watch. How can I have them picked up & working on jupyterlab? Thanks

This is a limitation of the current watch script.

There are some good ideas for expanding hot releading in Develop extensions inside JupyterLab itself · Issue #7469 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

How can I have them picked up & working on jupyterlab?

You could investigate and contribute a solution via a pull request, or help someone else to do so.

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@krassowski could you please tell me when those changes is being picked up currently?

  1. when i refresh browser?
  2. when i jlpm build instead of jlpm watch?
  3. when i restart kernel?
  4. when i re-run jupyter dev command?

Neither (though I do not know what jupyter dev is). Generally the changes apply when you restart jupyterlab-server which is usually when restarting jupyterlab.

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Oh, I meant jupyter lab, sorry)) Thank you very much @krassowski :slight_smile:

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