Jupyterlab dev watch mode doesn't work

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to build a basic extension for Jupyterlab in Javascript.
Having a hard time to cut down on rebuilding time while in watch mode.

jupyter lab --dev-mode --watch

It does not work as expected. After each source file changes, it takes about a minute to pick
up the change but sometimes it does not respond to changes at all.
I also run watch command in parallel, but it does not help either
package.json script:
"watch": "tsc -w --listEmittedFiles"

Any idea on how it could be improved?


I wonder if it’s fixed after almost 2 years?

I’m developing my custom theme for jupyterlab but rebuilding jupyterlab after changes takes too much time. Does someone have good instruction for developing extensions in watch mode?

For a pre-built extension, such as shown by the theme cookiecutter, it takes:

jlpm build
jlpm install:extension
jlpm watch
# and then in another terminal
jupyter lab

…to go from “check out a PR” to “reload-to-see-changes for your extension”.

Rebuilding all of Lab is generally not worth it, unless your users really, really demand that you must distribute for JupyterLab 2 and/or a totally custom lab package.

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