How to change the logo of JupyterLab on top-right corner?


I wanted to know if its possible to change the jupyter logo in jupyterlab which is usually on the top-right corner. I have been googling a lot but couldn’t find anything that works right now.


The Jupyterlab documentation discusses the user interface components:

“You can also use LabIcon to create your own custom icons that will be able to automatically change color to match the current JupyterLab theme.”

I think jupyterIcon is what you are looking to alter.

I don’t know if this is specific to RetroLab, but how that is re-themed may provide some guidance, see Cli --retro-logo to enable the retro inline logo · jupyterlab/retrolab@7e02441 · GitHub , GitHub - timkpaine/jupyterlab_miami_nights: Combination of VS Code's SynthWave '84 and JupyterLab's Neon Night, and and Update logo by jtpio · Pull Request #131 · jupyterlab/retrolab · GitHub .

These look old because you’d want to focus on JupyterLab 3 now, but some of the JL2 stuff may help: