How to apt-get an application form a repository other than ubuntu?

I am trying to generate a binder with a later version of inkscape than that provided in the ubuntu repositories: normally, this would be

sudo add-apt-repository
sudo apt-get update

followed by the apt command to install it.

  • Is there a way to set the repository in apt.txt?
  • Trying to download an app image fails since it requires fuse…

How can I get inkscape installed otherwise?

I had learned how to get around the need for FUSE to extract an AppImage from sources detailed here when dealing with Orca installation. This is what I ended up with. Read the comment lines. Maybe a similar approach but with the AppImage you want will work?

Keep in mind you have to edit postBuild files in git on your local computer and upload them or the permissions won’t work. In other words you cannot use a text file you make in the GitHub web interface.