Hosting TLJH with WebMO (perl CGI site) - Apache + Traefik

I’m trying to set up a single server with WebMO and JupyterHub for a class of 10 students. I currently have both programs installed on a GoogleCloud VM running Ubuntu 18.04. However, the configurations for apache2 (used by WebMO) and Traefik (from TLJH) can’t run at the same time (they both want the same address and socket).

I tried setting up a ReverseProxy in apache using the instructions on the JupyterHub docs page, but that didn’t seem to work.

I’d like to have ip.address/webmo send users to the WebMO interface (currently working if apache2 is running) and ip.address/jupyter send users to JupyterHub (working if traefik/jupyterhub are running). Yesterday I was able to get as far as having WebMO running and getting JupyterHub running and the ip.address/jupyter -> ip.address/hub/jupyter, but that terminated in an error 404.

What am I missing in this setup? Is there a way for all of the Traefik functionality to be run in apache? That seems like the “neatest” way, though I’m not sure that’s easiest. Alternatively, can I configure Traefik to run the WebMO cgi scripts folder?

Thank you for the direction, this is my first bout with web servers.

Updated my situation, created a new topic under TLJH configuration behind Apache.