How to host Jupyterhub at a given URL?

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I installed the TLJH following these instruction:

And it works excellent. I also added HTTPS and it works fine.

But I try to change the url_binding. So instead of listening to It should listen to, but I am not able to manage this.

I found a solution using the Zero to JupyterHub:

But I cant find the I can find the config.yaml but dont know which parameter to set their for getting ahead. I also found the traefik.toml but changing the Entrypoint

address = ":7443"
address = ":7443/jupyter"

will lead to an not starting traefik.service.
This is how my config.yaml & site-packages & tljh in site-packages look like

Maybe someone can help. I guess it is not a big Deal since it is one line of code in the “from ground to Jupyterhub Installation”.

Allready a big thank you to all who are reading this and trying to help.

You can set c.JupyterHub.base_url= “/jupyter” in your


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Thank you so much. I feel a bit stupid right now but you saved my day.

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add c.JupyterHub.base_url= “/jupyter”
restart jupyterhub (systemctl restart jupyterhub.service)

if I use
tljh-config reload 
I get this

/opt/tljh/hub/lib/python3.6/site-packages/urllib3/ InsecureRequestWarning: 
Unverified HTTPS request is being made to host ''. Adding certificate verification is strongly 
advised. See:

well but it works and it works well.

Thank you Mark

Glad it helped. The various url configurations are definitely confusing.

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