Littlest Jupyterhub behind Nginx Proxy


Does the Littlest Jupyterhub allow to be run behind a separate server such as Nginx (proxy pass)?

Just making sure.


Yes, you can put it behind any number of proxies. It’s already using traefik. You must make sure to set the Host and proxy (Forwarded, etc.) headers correctly, though.

So far we generated a local cert and run the following commands below. The main web server running nginx has the main certificate and doing a proxy pass. We can connect/login to the main page but when we clicked to add a user or start server button, we get “API request failed (403): Forbidden”. Also we don’t see a status bar (Your server is starting up) of the server starting up when a user first logs in.

Do we have to make any additional modification on the TLJH end? My guess is the web admin is not configuring the headers, hostname correctly on the main web server.

sudo tljh-config set https.enabled true
sudo tljh-config set https.tls.key /etc/ssl/private/mykeyip.key
sudo tljh-config set https.tls.cert /etc/ssl/certs/mykeyip.crt

sudo tljh-config show
sudo tljh-config reload proxy

Thanks ahead.