The littlest jupyterhub proxy


ive just installed the littlest jupyterhub following the online guides.

it’s installed behind a corp proxy, I had to run through a different proxy during the install due to some restrictions and now back on the primary one now it’s installed.

trying to make any connections to the internet from a notebook is timing out, for example, a basic get request using requests lib but the same code works fine in python directly on that server.

I’m assuming the proxy isn’t set up correctly maybe it took what the value of http_proxy was at install time and stored that statically somewhere? I’m not sure I’ve not been able to find any ref to being able to change it just that the proxy variable should be set prior to installing.

any ideas? thanks


cracked it
for anyone that stumbles on this in the future realised the environment variables weren’t present so:

created file /opt/tljh/config/jupyterhub_config.d/

c.Spawner.environment = {
        'http_proxy': 'http://ip:port',
        'https_proxy': 'http://ip:port',
        'HTTP_PROXY': 'http://ip:port',
        'HTTPS_PROXY': 'http://ip:port',
        'no_proxy': 'ip1,ip2',
        'N0_PROXY':  'ip1,ip2'

probably don’t need them all but thought id cover all bases