Help! How do I deal with read-only notebooks?

I’m sorry if this is not the right thread to post this,but I find myself in a pinch and I need help.
Basically, when I try to run code on a notebook that my college teacher sent me, nothing happens and I cannot save anything I type because for some reason the notebook is read only.

How do I fix this?I am the only one in my class that is facing this issue and my teacher can’t help me.

Hi, @Andrei_Popescu
How does the teacher send notebook to you?
If your jupyterhub is based on Linux filesystem(default), the reason is that the file is belong to your teacher and your user (on server) does not have the write right.
I think you can copy this notebook and write on this copy one.

I can’t copy the notebook. I get the following message:

He shares the files with me.