Groups and Roles

Hey folks,

I am wanting to have multiple sections/courses configured on a hub using groups and roles. The instructor should only be able to see and access the servers of students in their class.

I have been messing around with the groups and roles this afternoon but I don’t actually see anything “different” about the hub.

I am reading this documentation.

You can see my config here.

A few questions:

  • If I mark the “teacher” as Admin, I then see that they are getting the roles and group assignments from the config.
  • The user names/email addresses in the loadGroups config are not automatically loaded into the hub as users and assigned the roles and groups. Am I seeing this correctly?
  • The non-admin type role is confusing - “student” in my case. They don’t seem to be loaded into the group specified in the config no matter if they are already users on the hub or if I add them manually from “Add Users”.

Anyway, maybe there is other documentation or a working example somewhere out there? Thanks