Forum structure - To address project maintainers in general within Project Jupyter?

I wanted to communicate something technical to the maintainers of Jupyter projects in general with CI stuff.

It was about a tool called Kaniko, but, where would i post that? Hmmm…

that’s a good question - is it private and/or sensitive information?

as a reference, Rust actually runs two Discourse forums

One for the general community:
One specifically to talk about the programming language design etc:

I don’t think we have the bandwidth to do the same, but thought it’d be relevant :slight_smile:

@choldgraf oh that sounds overkill for us perhaps. For my consideration right now, it was non-sensitive stuff but it did not belong to any specific jupyter project like hub / lab etc but rather all of them.

If we want something for sensitive stuff, we could assign all internal classified people into a group and create categories that only they have permission to see/edit/create in.

A mix option would also be to have a category where only a set of users could edit, but others could see.

Perhaps we could add a “tech” section to the “meta” category? Or a different high-level category?