Fatal error: cannot create R_TempDir

I’m running a bookdown project on rocker/binder:4.2 and it has been working quite well for a while. I updated my repository today adding a new section to an existing document but not changing the Dockerfile or install.R or anything like that and now when attempting to load the mybinder I’m getting an error that says “Fatal error: cannot create R_tempDir”. Looking online this seems to happen when there is no space. I had a similar a little over a week ago associated with low space as well so I’m wondering if something isn’t getting cleared out on the servers or something. I’m running on the GESIS. Any suggestions? I couldn’t find this error in existing topics.

Gesis tends to have more space than others in the federation and so if you are really exceeding the limits there, you may be out of luck for Binder use. On ther hand, it may be spurious. As I tried to prompt you in my post here asking about repos with 4.2 here, you’ll need to share the URL of your repo for others to see if their build and launch experience is different.

Sorry about that I think I misunderstood. My repo is here GitHub - mpeeples2008/ArchNetSci: Code repository and Bookdown project for Online Companion to Archaeological Network Science by Tom Brughmans and Matthew A. Peeples (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology)

That repo just launched fine for me on Gesis.
If you didn’t change anything in the configuration files, and not adjusted the content very much, it seems it was just some weird issue again like the other recent time.

Okay, once again it’s working for me now. It must just be a fluke.

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