Failed to create temporary users

I followed the Zero to Binderhub docs, and failed to create temporary users:

The image file could be pushed to the cloud, but this error still occurs. I don’t know where is the mistake, I’m new to Binderhub. Thanks for any help!
github: GitHub - harukimisola/grover: test

This looks like a duplicate of Failed to create temporary user

Yes, when I created a new topic with that account, it kept showing failures, so I changed this email. I’ve removed duplicate questions, I’m sorry

I found out the cause of the mistake, the URL of JupyterHub is incorrect. After fixing this error, BinderHub can create temporary users of JuypyterHub. But then I encountered a very strange mistake.
Binderhub is builted, and I’ve got JupyterHub’s login website. log in and open the Jupyter Notebook, it turns out to be empty! Like this:

I built this project using without any errors. Now I am very confused, do not know how to solve this problem…

My binderhub is:

I’ve just tried
and it looks like there are still problems connecting to your container registry. Was it working before?

Thanks for your reply! I spent a long time and now successfully deployed it!
The reason for failed to create temporary users is the jupyterhub do not working. In the zero to Binderhub docs( 3. Set up BinderHub — BinderHub 0.1.0 documentation)

According to this code, I got a IP adress of my jupyterhub, but this jupyterhub is not working(The web cannot be accessed, and error in the log). Therefore, I failed to create a temporary user.
To solved this problem, I searched a lot of material and finally found the reason.

In this step, we download binderhub AND jupyterhub, but many of Jupyterhub’s image files are not pulled down. So I downloaded HELM CHART( manually, modified the image resource in chart.yaml ,values.yaml of jupyterhub and config.yaml of binderhub. Now they are working!

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Hi @Geralt_Rivia , I’ve got the same problem, my image is pushed but then your error “Fail to create temporary user for registry” occurs. Could you please tell me how did you modify the image resource in chart.yaml, values.yaml of jupyterhub and config.yaml of binderhub? I’m working in local with minikube as cluster. Thank you!