Binder and "failed to create temporary user"

When I try to us mybinder in my github repo GitHub - enriqueartal/GuervilleViuZariskiPairs: GuervilleViu Zariski pairs it always appear “failed to create temporary user”; the image is created and pushed. It does not happen for other repos

That’s because you aren’t following the guide to making your repo work with MyBinder using a Dockerfile. The Dockerfile here that I talk about below may help you as a guide to fix things without needing to change much.
Note that if you need the current Dockerfile to be the way it is, you can make a sub-directory named binder that you can add a Dockerfile, or other types of configuration files, there that MyBinder will use preferentially over any in the root of the repository. Normally, a Dockerfile is meant to be used only as a last resort, but I see this repo where GAP kernel-based launches works with MyBInder presently (from the first listed launch binder bagde) and uses a Dockerfile. So maybe this is one of the few cases you need it.

Actually I am not using a Dockerfile (there is one on the master branch, but I am using the other ones). And It worked several times yesterday. The image is always built. Anyway, any ideas are welcome.

I am using a file environment.yml basically borrowed from a successful repo

A few things then.
You link GitHub - enriqueartal/GuervilleViuZariskiPairs: GuervilleViu Zariski pairs in your post and it has only a Dockerfile in the main branch. So if you are launching with a different environment or branch, you need to provide us that information in order to help you. So in addition to the repo link, which is just the content(?), can you provide your launch URL?

If it worked yesterday and you changed nothing, then it is probably just a glitch.

There are several branches, master is inactive for a while. It does affect mainly to sage, where no dockerfile is used.

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Today it works! Maybe some infrastructure work was being performed.

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