Error in accessing jupyter notebook

Hi, I have installed jupyter notebook inside “google colab” but when i try to hit the url 'http//" i get “Your Internet access is blocked”. same thing is applicabe to jupterhub i am unable to access the url. Any help

Hi Alberto,

not quite sure why you are trying to install the Jupyter notebook inside colab. Colab itself is already a notebook (based on the Jupyter notebook). If you are looking for a cloud hosted real Jupyter notebook checkout which is a free open-source service similar to Colab operated by the Binder project.

Because your question is about using Google’s Colab product, which unfortunately is a closed source product developed by Google, your best bet for support is figuring out how to get it from Google directly. is a private URL that’s only accessible from inside the Google VM, not from your computer. Colaboratory is already the Jupyter notebook, so you can create and run notebook without ever installing or running a jupyter notebook server yourself. I don’t believe Colaboratory allows you to launch additional web servers inside the service.