Equations rendered in notebook print preview, not in jupyter lab print preview


I try to have my highschool students use jupyter lab to do their calculations and write small reports. To simplify the process of getting a printable pdf, we use the browser print dialog. This, however, does not render the equations if we are using jupyter lab, but the equations are showing fine if we are using jupyter notebook.

Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Printing via the file->print menu in Jupyter lab is rather broken (and has been for a rather long time). To mention a few issues:

My advice is to simply ignore the print functionality from the file menu (that IMHO should be hidden from the user altogether until it can be fixed, because the many breakages make it just confusing). If you need a printout, use nbconvert to html and then open the html with a browser and print it.

I think these issues are tracked in:

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