End-of-year thoughts from the Rust community

The Rust community does a great job of running their project openly and inclusively. They’ve grown in the last few years, and have ran into many of the same tensions that (I think) the Jupyter community has.

There are also a number of folks on the project that blog about their thoughts and experiences, here are two particularly poignant posts that were written at the end of 2018. I think that many of their points are directly relevant to the Jupyter community, I’m curious what folks think about it!

I bet @yuvipanda or @fperez or @ellisonbg would find these interesting!

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It’s the second year this is running, it was announced early Dec: https://blog.rust-lang.org/2018/12/06/call-for-rust-2019-roadmap-blogposts.html

I also recommend reading Graydon Hoare’s post: https://graydon2.dreamwidth.org/263429.html
(he is the creator of Rust, but he moved on and is working on Swift now)

PS: all the #rust2019 posts are being collected here https://readrust.net/rust-2019/
PS2: I’m finishing mine on “scientific Rust” and will post on my blog later today =P


I really like the idea of asking for blog posts, gists, tweets, etc as a way to give input to the roadmap.

In my head Binder’s big theme for 2018 was “launch!”, I’ve been wondering what the theme for 2019 will be. If anyone wants to make suggestions, please do! (maybe in a new thread?)

update: here’s my post

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@betatim I think it’s a great idea as well.

Or should we copy the idea from Rust and ask for a round of blog posts over the next six weeks and use them to then build a roadmap for Binder?

The Rust posts are really nice, and I like the idea of encouraging the community to do this for Binder (and Jupyter in general).