Embedding JNB in e-learning module... possible?

We are hoping to create some basic Python tutorials that include a terminal of some sort where learners can run code in their browser. Is it possible to embed Jupyter Notebook in this way? The setup I’m thinking of would likely be a WordPress site running Learndash or a similar LMS. I’ve seen some posts about how to embed a gist as an HTML file but that’s not what I’m thinking of… it would be more like an empty window where learners could execute any code they type in. Any pointers on where I can continue researching this topic would be appreciated.

MyBinder sessions have a terminal you can access. Example with a few terminals opening can be accessed by going here and pressing ‘launch binder’ below the file listed. (Not what you need, but shows possible to go right to window with terminal using workspaces.) Could you get what you need just triggering launches of sessions from Wordpress site with URL? Study the URLs of the launch binder badges to get an idea of the pattern and get help making them at MyBinder.org.

There is also Juniper and Thebe.

Also here, see:

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Fantastic answer, thank you… I have some reading ahead. Appreciate it.

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