Integrate interactive Jupyter Notebooks in static websites (Jekyll) using Binder for free

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I’m Juergen, a web developer. Currently, I’m working on integrating Jupyter Notebooks in webpages to make Notebooks live/interactive available using the free Binder service.

I’ve integrated the great (Python/JS) package/library nbinteract with my Jekyll-based static website at JekyllOne.

You’ll find in the menubar a dropdown Live Examples. Go for one of these sites. On these sites, use the menu Learn/Experimental/Textbooks and open one of the pages in that dropdown. The pages integrate some nice Jupyter Notebooks using interactive widgets.

It would be very helpful if some of you had a look. I’m very thankful to hear your opinion!

BTW: You can create a personal website in minutes if you’re already on Github or Netlify. Go for the Rocketstart on JekyllOne to create your web!

Thanks a lot in advance,


Hi @jekyll-one, this is cool! Have you seen the Jupyter Book project? Books with Jupyter You can make static pages into interactive notebooks powered by Binder there too. Using Thebe, users aren’t even navigated away from the original page :slight_smile:

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Thanks for having a look at!

Yes, I know the project Jupyter Book. No doubts, it’s a great tool to create books from Notebooks. Sure, I’ll have a look at Thebe to integrate a Jupyter Book seemless in a website.

Two things I remenber using Jupyter Book:

  • cannot used on the Windows platform (current issues)
  • interactice widgets cannot used live to control

If I’m wrong, please correct me!

Again, thanks a lot for having a look at my pages!

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