Embedding GUIs in a notebook

Hello there,

I wrote a library (the Atlas toolkit: https://atlastk.org) to write GUIs. I tried to make this library easy to use and also easy to install, so it relies heavily on cloud computing.

I have written two Jupyter notebooks as tutorials for this library. Both can be found here: https://github.com/epeios-q37/atlas-python/tree/master/tutorials.

For the purposes of these tutorials, and also because I plan to write more tutorials not focused on but using this library, the GUIs are embedded in the notebook.

As I’m new to Jupyter, I would love to get some feedback on:

  • how this notebooks stand up as tutorials.
  • the use of this library to embed GUIs in a notebook.



Made a little animated gif to show how it works…

Atlas toolkit in Jupyter notebook


Hi @Epeios. These look awesome! Thanks for writing and sharing such illustrative notebooks.

If you are looking for more feedback, our community calls might be a good place to show off your work with people from across the project. These notebooks look like they have great demo potential to me, so I’d love to hear you talk about it.

And of course, welcome to Jupyter! :tada: I’m always happy to have new people in the community.

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Thanks, @isabela-pf.

Unfortunately, I am not fluent enough in English to attend such an event, not to mention that my computer is not equipped with a microphone.

But I’ll be back soon with a new notebook example showing the programming of a chatroom :slight_smile: .

Hi there!
I am pretty much interested in some new examples. Please share them as soon as possible.