Embed zip files when exporting Jupyter NoteBook to html_embed format

I’am working with Jupyter Lab to produce teaching supports. I usually export my Notebook to html_embed format to deliver these supports. I would like to embed in the html file a zip archive containing the native ipynb format of the notebook and all the necessary files (python module, images, etc …). This zip file must be downloadable. How can I can achieve this ?

You could create a Windows Batch script, a Windows PowerShell script, a Shell script or similar and use command line tools such as nbconvert for creating the files from the notebook.

Ok thank for this suggestion, I’am not an expert with nbconvert command line (for me jupyter is running on Mac os), I am currently the menu file/Export Notebook as/ … of jupyter Lab.
So I have to dive into the command line nbconvert …

Usually it is quite straight forward and for me it was fun to automate more and more of my daily chores with little scripts

https://github.com/timkpaine/jupyterlab_commands also looks like an interesting hook to include such a thing into the UI later.