I cant download my notebook as .ipynb anymore it saves as JSON

I changed my computer and installed Anaconda but I cant download my notebooks as .ipynb anymore.
It only save as json.
if I try to save as .py it saves only as HTML
How can I fix it ?

You might just try chaning the file extension from *.json to *.ipynb.


@yasiss Can you share your browser and OS? I am not experiencing this issue, but other people running the same notebook on the same server are and I’m trying to isolate why.
If you’ve since resolved this, how did you?

I’ve noticed this for some time. When attempting to export a notebook as an ipynb file, the dialogue offers json format only. I can download as HTML or PDF, but not ipynb. Running Windows 10 on chrome. Same issue with Edge browser. This happens on Coursera. Could it be intentional?