Education Category?


Would it be appropriate to have an Education category? (I hate the google group interface… this is much better!)


If there is demand we should create it! The only thing that makes me hesitant towards more (any categories really) is that traffic is still very low and if we fragment too much everyone will feel like nothing is happening. Personally I solved this by only looking at the “Latest” tab/view so I see all the categories.

@choldgraf any thoughts? Otherwise I will create it.


@willingc What do you think?


Perhaps let’s do this…

While I agree about the clunky Google Group interface, we said when we rolled Discourse out for JupyterHub/Binder that we were looking for a better searchable solution for Gitter. I would hold off making a new Education category right now. Instead, I recommend editing the Community category description to clearly encourage education questions/comments there. After the holidays, we can revisit whether/when we should add additional categories.

Thanks for raising as an issue @DougBlank.


I like @willingc’s approach, I think we’re still in the “data collection” phase of the discourse, so still a bit early to start expanding it’s scope. I’d love to revisit the idea of an education section as we learn more what are the best ways discourse could serve the community