Edit Title / Flair

Hello. Hope you’re having a good week! I posted today and it made me realize that the profile titles/flair are a bit out-dated because my profile title/flair says “Steering Council”. I’d like to request two labels replace that: “Executive Council” or “Software Steering Council”. I see there is also a label called “Leader”. Not sure when that is to be used or perhaps that was meant to replace Steering Council? Can you help @consideRatio @choldgraf ?

Hey Ana - that’s a good point. We haven’t made any changes to this forum since the organization updated its governance structures, there’s a “group” that is the “steering council” and that’s where your title comes from, but this needs to be updated to be two groups, one that is EC and another that is SSC.

I am not sure I remember how to do this but I can try to look into it when I have time, it might be a little while though as I have a lot on my plate right now :-/

I think the bigger question is what kind of governance and resourcing the EC wants for the community forum. Erik and I have administrative privileges because we were the ones that set it up, but neither of us has the time to dedicate to moderating and maintaining it. It seems like in other spaces the EC is planning new managing and governing structures around Jupyter spaces like this. Is there a plan for bringing more resources to the community forum so that we are not a bottleneck?

Thanks Chris! Steve Sylvester and I have just had our second meeting this week to create a charter for a new working group which would be a Media Strategy group and that would include the Discourse forum. I would expect our charter to be approved and have the group functioning in the next 60 - 90 days. Happy to share more once we’ve made some significant progress.