Create a `distinguished-contributor` group + badge?

Hey @afshin - what do you think of creating a Discourse group for Distinguished Contributors? I’ve created one with just you and me as members to demo. I think there are basically 3 things that happen if we do this:

  1. People can set their “title” to Distinguished Contributor in their Discourse profile (as an example, I have set my title to this, so look at my photo+title to see how it looks)
  2. They’ll get a little Jupyter icon as the “flair” in their profile (I’ll add this icon to the steering-council group as well)
  3. We have an internal list of Distinguished Contributors that we could use to broadcast messages to this group if we wish, or create a Discourse channel that only this group has access to, things like that.

I think this is a great idea, @choldgraf. I’m all for it. Particularly the third characteristic seems like it could come in handy for talking to the entire JDC cohort as it grows.

Happy birthday Chris!! That is what the :cake: symbol tells me :smiley:

Looks cool and I think could be useful. Let’s try it out.


Since I’ve only gotten positive responses, and no negative responses so far, I’ll plan to add all current DCs that also have Discourse handles to the distinguished contributors group in the next few days. If folks would like me to hold off, please let me know :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me too. Please remember that steering council members (and emeritus steering council members) are DCs as well and should be added.

I think it is a great idea @choldgraf

@choldgraf how do we get that sweet “Distinguished Contributors” title added? :slight_smile: When I click on title, it doesn’t give me that option…

It should now be an option! I’ve added all the folks listed on the Jupyter website that also had Discourse accounts :+1:

In addition, I’ve created a distinguished-contributors topic in the forum that is accessible only to people in the “Distinguished Contributors” group that I’ve mentioned above.

If we want to play around with having a dedicated space for this group to discuss, we can use this? Though for now we probably shouldn’t use it as “announcements” until we know that all the DCs have a Discourse account and would be notified if announcements were made there

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Testing, testing!

When I clicked on the link, I get that the link is private. You forgot me? :disappointed:

Thank you for double-checking this Lorena! I looked at the membership list and somehow skipped your row on the Jupyter “about us” page (I was just scrolling that list and manually adding people from it). So I had missed 3 other people as well :grimacing: - I think everybody w/ an account should now be added but if I missed anyone else please just let me know and I’ll re-check

Is there any way I can apply for an “Undistinguished contributor” badge? :slight_smile: